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Please don't star aspirants unless told otherwise by a member. Don't fall for people saying they will gift you to spy or tell them if we have seat or not because they are lying.

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  1. plsnokillmeI decided that I want to be active
  3. FireX Join my first season of survivor Gift for the winner
  4. NathanDamnitI'm back too please star me :P #OriginalActives
  5. wwemrpeepsWhere were you
  6. shutout78I’m back!
  7. asloanplease star me
  8. LivvieBoo12Please star me inn
  9. tundrahenry101Star me in pleaseee
  10. MaxchaosHi guys
  11. TylerseegPlease trend me in this blog
  12. ybboboops I was inactive to long I got the boot!
  13. LivvieBoo12star me im back please
  14. xRuexUh I was having a nostalgia moment and saw I'm not in the frat anymore? I'm an honorary member!
  15. subfriendlets see if i can get 5

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When Zac Efron is filming

1 Aidan0621, Jan 21, 2018

a movie nearby and you wish you could meet him and suck his dick

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