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Stars finals!!!!!

16thJul 7, 2012 by william3
imageWell this is my first stars finals and i am so glad to have made it! I worked my ass off all game, and played my heart out. I never gave up and i made huge moves that would benefit my game and they worked. Most people think i sheeped this entire game and they would be absolutely incorrect. My nominations went through every single day but, the one day i went up. I was also the final person in this game to be unnominated! and i have the least amount of nominations of the three of us. We all played different games, but i believed i played one hell of a game and that i deserve to be here! At the end of the day, people came to me, when the wanted people up, because they knew that i could get people to vote how i wanted. I played a great stratgical game and was able to play both sides incredibly well. I also played an incredible stratigic game because my name was never thrown around until f7, which was the first day i was a counter nom. I played this game as hard as i could and i think i played it pretty damn well. People may say i sheeped this game, but thats because they have no idea what actually happened in this game. They werent apart of it, and the people who were in this game and said i sheeped are just pissed because I was the final person unnominated, I have the least amount of nomiantions and i played just as good of a game as they did!

This stars was one of the hardest games i have ever played, but i was able to captialize of peoples weaknesses and use them against them. I played this game to win, Not for 2nd and not for 3rd. Now i know Owee/RORO are more popular but please, take a step back and look at the games we have played and u might change you decision! Gl to Mike/Owee

and ty to all my saves < 3 mail, silent voters and the people that post in the comments :) i love you all!

Please vote for me to win < 3


Omg gl Willy :)
Sent by Sweetheart95,Jul 7, 2012
yay william3 !
Sent by Viola,Jul 7, 2012
go will :P
Sent by loopyloopyloop,Jul 7, 2012
Sent by jharrin7887,Jul 7, 2012
Sent by juna1211,Jul 8, 2012
gl in finale
Sent by evelcam,Jul 8, 2012
good luck
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 8, 2012
Sent by Akron,Jul 8, 2012
voted for you
Sent by cecumecu,Jul 8, 2012

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