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  1. I love you
  2. FML
  3. Does someone have links
  4. Who wants a sugar daddy
  5. my avatar is cute af
  6. If you give me a top blog
  7. Oh Hi
  8. I have risen from the dead
  9. shut the fuck up
  10. I have a 1000T$
  11. Eh, Eh
  12. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
  13. Promise i'll be kind
  14. I like you a lot lot
  15. gaga is a goddess
  16. ROFL?
  17. Just Sayin
  18. Don't want your money
  19. If you're going to insult someone
  20. it's the little things
  21. Remember newbie stars?
  22. Bmi's are terrible to use
  23. what would you consider "short"
  24. CuntCoon1234
  25. Lucinda
  26. you and me be baby
  27. The number of ignorant people on this site
  29. I looked online and I can burn up to 1400
  30. So do all the str8 guys on tengaged
  31. Chiefs FTW kty
  32. Kay fuck you
  33. I just won a 4 hour monopoly game
  34. You know whats worse than no commas?
  35. be my friend? :(
  36. Amazing person
  37. let's get married
  38. Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise
  39. I just watched
  40. Should I watch a movie

If you give me a top blog

Oct 14, 2017 by william3
I'll syd


Sent by maturo,Oct 14, 2017

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