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  1. How is everyone doing tonight
  2. People still login
  3. Quick question
  4. I want someone special to bottom for me
  5. I need one more Judge for a game I am hosting
  6. One thing I will never support
  7. My penis is swollen!
  8. Got my dick pierced today
  9. What tengaged needs
  10. Plus if you wanna see
  11. Thanks to the 51.1 percent!
  12. Save me in stars!
  13. Spending my lunch break
  14. Who wants to smoke a cigarette w me
  15. Join stars!
  16. What time is stars enrollment?
  17. Just a blog of clarification
  18. I'm so exhausted that
  19. I am a tengaged legend
  20. Some of yall are in your mid 20s
  21. PYN
  22. Some of yall
  23. Plus this blog
  24. Ive always wanted
  25. Who wants to snapchat til I fall asleep
  26. Hosting survivor on skype!
  27. Anyone wanna talk?
  28. Im horny
  29. Go clemson tigers!
  30. Ive never fucked a guy
  31. Who wants to have
  32. One of the college classes
  33. Goodnight Gays and Straights
  34. Pyn
  35. Yo fuck tengaged
  36. If I encouraged someone
  38. Im gonna make you squirt
  39. What keeps me going everyday
  40. At the mall taking pictures of Eric haarer

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How is everyone doing tonight Apr 22, 2019
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People still login Apr 19, 2019
To this shit daily???? Are yall okay?
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Quick question Apr 12, 2019
maturo would you ever bottom for me man? No homo obviously
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I want someone special to bottom for me Apr 12, 2019
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I need one more Judge for a game I am hosting Apr 6, 2019
I need a judge to judge 3 music videos based on Creativity, Originality and Participation. The challenge is due at 7 est. Let me know if you will be available! Thanks!!!
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One thing I will never support Mar 29, 2019
Is gay adoption. Like I don’t really agree with the gay lifestyle but 2 gays getting married doesn’t affect me and I am sure there are things I do as a Christian that are just as sinful. But I do not agree with gay adoption because a child needs both a fatherly and motherly role to support a child and the child’s upbringing. A child could be deeply affected by having a dad that decides to act like a woman. Or a mom acting like a man. The last thing we need is confusion of the future generations identity. God created men to be men and women to be women. This is just my opinion please don’t hate me! I am also open to hearing everyone else’s viewpoints on this issue as I am not one to cause arguments and can easily have a educated conversation.
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