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Big Brother 16

Jun 13, 2014 by tylerwayne
Six names I hear floating around as possible returnees are:

Eric Stein (BB8)
Michelle Costa (BB10)
Kevin Campbell (BB11)
Matt Hoffman (BB12)
Danielle Murphree (BB14)
Amanda Zuckerman (BB15)

Could it possibly be sort of an "Unfinished Business" twist?



I would honestly be fine with this
Sent by 5651Omar,Jun 13, 2014
Eh.  I only dislike Michelle.  But I also don't really love any of them haha.
Sent by Amanyaman,Jun 13, 2014
I love Matt Hoffman and Eric Stein, as long as they're in I don't care who else is in that season.
Sent by survivornerd,Jun 13, 2014
I think Matt Hoffman is trolling on twitter, making fun of Janelle's twitter message about being on vacay right before bb14
Sent by felixelquinto,Jun 13, 2014
survivornerd Yes, those two are definitely the best out of the six.
Sent by tylerwayne,Jun 13, 2014

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