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  1. Stars support update
  2. Finally got something in a auction
  3. Stars support
  4. Vote for me in this poll please.
  5. Stars support update
  6. Yeah he's looking to get banned.
  7. PYN
  8. Sad that Admin is only going to play one game.
  9. Reaching my 700 karma milestone
  10. Stars support update
  11. When people don't play games in Survivor yet you..
  12. How do I buy sponsorship for Hunger Games?
  13. Stars support update
  14. Wow I just got first place for the second time..
  15. I am spending a lot of T$ on these glasses.
  16. I have a bit of a problem with the stars payroll.
  17. Stars support
  18. Does anyone know what the house meant when they..
  19. I am thinking of joining stars real soon again.
  20. I have been gone for a month and I am coming back..
  21. I have silver level and in total I have spend..
  22. I actually want this shirt please plus this shirt..
  23. Stars support
  24. First day of summer for me.
  25. Do you like Kool Aid? (do not view if you are..
  26. How do you make a design besides a shirt?
  27. I finally got silver level.
  28. Who is ready for Big Brother 20?
  29. Does anyone know when Big Brother 20 is going to..
  30. Thank you for 29.1%
  31. Final blog about Stars until after the votes are..
  32. Stars support
  33. When you get into a dominate Spanish speaking game..
  34. Just ignore him right now.
  35. Had a total of 245 PM so far I might actually go..
  36. I am going to the final 3 in stars
  37. Actually I try my very hardest to be active.
  38. Thank you for 50.6% of you that voted
  39. Thanks for the 62.1% of people that voted to save..
  40. Only 14 more days until school is over for me

I am thinking of paying to join a stars game.

Mar 4, 2018 by turnerpike20
Please support me if I do then because it would be really nice to win. But yeah I will be prepare to actually join a game because I have way too many T$.


+9 you'd have my vote. you're annoying as fuck and I hate you but you're enthusiastic and would make moves and not sit by the sidelines. Stars should be about who is playing the game.
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Mar 4, 2018

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