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  1. What is a dogs favorite number
  2. Posting a joke since I鈥檓 nommed
  3. Stars is crazy
  4. What is a ghost favorite plant
  5. What does an egg do when they try to make you..
  6. Thanks 50.8%
  7. I need a new frat
  8. my nom rap
  9. Think I鈥檓 going to rap a song
  10. what type of instrument do people dwell on
  11. How do you like my avi
  12. Ty for saves everyone
  13. my stand up act
  14. im going to try something new
  15. what is a dogs favorite instrument
  16. I guess I need to come up with new jokes
  17. I鈥檓 in a generous mood
  18. I was sweet to you
  19. I hate my tengaged slag
  20. cute star fish
  21. posting a cute star fish gif
  22. Thanks for the saves everyone
  23. my stars rap
  24. New rap going to be blogged around 7
  25. Stars is fun
  26. Stars is fun
  27. Thanks for the saves all
  28. my stars rap
  29. I鈥檓 working on writing a song
  30. my nom song
  31. Here鈥檚 a father day joke for you
  32. I appreciate
  33. How do you rate my avi
  34. Today is neg Fiona day
  35. Wow fiona is so rude
  36. Thanks for the gift
  37. Anyone else
  38. Who wants to me my number 2 friend
  39. Plus if I should remove fiona from friend list
  40. Got a new job 馃槂

Got a new job 馃槂

May 30, 2019 by sprtsgy1989
A lot less hours with my highest salary for a job yet 馃コ


Sent by jmctwin,May 30, 2019
That's good spirit
Sent by sportsgeek12,May 30, 2019
woo hoo
what is it tho
Sent by Minniemax,May 30, 2019
Sent by Clayton,May 30, 2019
Congrats Shaun!! :)
Sent by Anfx47,May 30, 2019

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