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  1. Today is neg fiona day
  2. would this pick up line work
  3. Need pick up line advice
  4. My stars support
  5. Well this sucks
  6. Any couple want a third wheel
  7. If I get 4 place
  8. Fiona so fake
  9. That awkward moment
  10. I鈥檝e been stabbed and wounded in stars
  11. All I can say in stars
  12. I鈥檇 just like to say
  13. My stars rap
  14. my thank you stars rap
  15. How is tie decided in stars
  16. my stars rap
  17. doing a stars rap
  18. Pyn
  19. I鈥檓 on the block in stars
  20. I鈥檓 rocking the poll box
  21. my stars rap
  22. Cute animals
  23. my star rap
  24. Should I write another rap
  25. thanks 48.7%
  26. my stars rap
  27. Going to write a rap and perform it
  28. How do people help you with a cyst
  29. Lol bye me
  30. Ask me
  31. Hi
  32. Ohi
  33. who should i add to my filter list
  34. Last 4 games
  35. Today is filter Fiona day
  36. what type of professor likes useless stuff
  37. My Eagles rap
  38. posting an eagles rap
  39. Thanks 42%
  40. Having a rough day


Jul 22, 2018 by sprtsgy1989
woeisme my joke game may be over

>I believe in you. But I'm warning you; 2 more bad jokes and I'm gonna take over your market!!
>>Works for me lol
>>But I put no effort into my last jokes because not easy to do popularity puns 馃槀


step it up or I'll end your joking career

Sent by woeisme,Jul 22, 2018

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