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rollingderp's Eurovision top 41! (8-5)

May 12, 2019 by rollingderp
8. Albania - Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju Tokes

WHEWWWWWW. Her voice mixing with this song is so good. The Albanian language is beautiful and this is no exception.

7. Romania - Ester Peony - On A Sunday

WIG. When the bass comes in at the second verse, it takes me off guard in such a good way. Her vocals are unmatched and the DRAMA is there. She snapped.

6. Germany - S!sters - Sister

I slept on this hard. I love the drama in this song and their voices mesh SO WELL together. I love the music box motif that appears throughout the song along with the production.

5. Poland - Tulia - Pali Sie (Fire of Love)

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE OF LOVE! WOWWWWW. I love their voices together with this ethnic rock sound. I love this a lot!!!!!!


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