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rollingderp's Eurovision top 41! (16-13)

Apr 28, 2019 by rollingderp
wow some bops in this one!
16.Montenegro - D-Mol - Heaven

yes i like this song. take me to court if u have to. it's feel-good and I enjoy it.

15. Denmark - Leonora - Love Is Forever

SO SWEET. I love the instrumentation of this song alongside her vocals!

14. Ireland - Sarah McTernan - 22

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH BUT COMPARED TO THE OTHER SONGS IT LACKS AN UMPH. Her voice is phenomenal and the song is up my alley with the feel. if the staging is the staging from irish dancing with the stars, maybe i'll be bald!

13. Armenia - Srbuk - Walking Out

can someone get her uhhhhh. english phonetics book. i really like the message and aura of this song alongside her vocals. too bad she can't speak english!



Ugh Ireland in a place it deserves :’)
Sent by MyMilkshakes,Apr 29, 2019

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