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rollingderp's Eurovision top 41! (20-17)

Apr 24, 2019 by rollingderp
omg we're actually getting to some good songs
20. France - Bilal Hassani - Roi

I really like this song! It's cute and fresh and might do very well in Tel Aviv. However, he better fix that ugly fucking blonde bob wig because it looks horrific on him.

19. Czech Republic - Lake Malawi - Friend of a Friend

WHEW I kinda hate that I like this song. It's catchy and I like the chorus a lot.

18. Netherlands - Duncan Laurence - Arcade

This is really good and has a really good backstory to it. I will say that the fandom is overrating it to hell, though.

17. Malta - Michela - Chameleon

THIS DROP SCALPED ME but the rest of the song in comparison is only half as good. But I still really like this song omg. If the staging is wig status then this could qualify.



Agreed on your Netherlands analysis. I really like the song and have it high in my ratings, but really don't understand the high praise and people saying it's going to run away when the chorus is literally him singing "oh oh, loving you is a losing game"
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