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rollingderp's Eurovision top 41! (38-32) (Bland Edition)

Apr 11, 2019 by rollingderp
im giving this the "Bland Edition" title as im going to group the songs that have about the same critique in this area since they are all. Bland.

38. United Kingdom - Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us

Ballad. UK being UK.

37. Finland - Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman - Look Away

Darude please. Outdated and bland.

36. Estonia - Victor Crone - Storm

SuRie did this song title SO much better. Sandra Nurmsalu was robbed.

35. Lithuania - Jurijus - Run With The LIons

*looks at the title of this blog* *shrugs shoulders* Migloko was robbed.

34. Sweden - John Lundvik - Too Late For Love

Sweden keeps consistently sending the most bland male entries ever.

33. Switzerland - Luca Hanni - She Got Me

NOT ONLY IS THIS BLAND I FIND IT ANNOYING TOO. his face is so fucking punchable like. someone punch him PLEASE

32. Azerbaijan - Chingiz - Truth

big chungus snapped. anyways his voice doesnt fit the song.



PIPING hit tea
Sent by MvrshmallowCat,Apr 11, 2019
i also just said hit instead of hot.

Sent by MvrshmallowCat,Apr 11, 2019
Switzerland is a bop, but the rest deserved the bland title (especially Azerbaijan which is MASSIVELY overrated)
Sent by MyMilkshakes,Apr 11, 2019

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