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How long will Nicole Last?

Aug 22, 2014 by rapidsmartypants
Nicole Just got back in the BB16 house, but how long will she stay? Will she go far, or be evicted right away?


if Donny wins veto shes gone but they've talked about getting rid of Christine before that
Sent by klaus828,Aug 22, 2014
What if Nicole tries to convince Christine, Donny, and Victoria to turn on the Detonators?
Sent by rapidsmartypants,Aug 22, 2014
rapidsmartypants literally the only people at any risk of going home are Donny and Nicole.
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 22, 2014
Well hopefully everyone in the house should realize that Frankie isn't the only game player. Derrick is TOO. If Victoria realized that Derrick made a F2 deal with Cody, I wonder how she would react.
Sent by rapidsmartypants,Aug 22, 2014
Besides, Christine has to figure out that Caleb lied to her when he said Nicole wanted to backdoor her.
Sent by rapidsmartypants,Aug 22, 2014
You found a "S"
Sent by me2013,Mar 23, 2015
Sent by lime250,Sep 30, 2015

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