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  1. Hacked Wow
  2. Have only played about 5 games in past 2 years
  3. So now that theirs admin
  4. Hacked! So Frustrated
  5. Seeing a lot of anniversary blogs is making me sad
  6. First game back in like a year
  7. Decided to go back and read old blogs
  8. someone host a roblox game
  9. Wanted to share a clip of me dancing
  10. Ranked 420
  11. someone host a roblox game
  12. Still cant believe I made stars finals
  13. Thank you all for the saves
  14. is stars enrollment in 30 min or 1 hour 30 min
  15. Thoughts on
  16. Anyone live near USC
  17. 3rd one in support me :)
  18. Fast stars should i try for it
  19. does anyone know
  20. I love people on here so much sometimes
  21. Is Top Fashionista random
  22. Moving in to day 1 at college
  23. Who wins in castings
  24. Lol i seem to like the people in bb
  25. idk why everyone dislikes john
  26. why is john being targeted by everyone
  27. what am i doing wrong
  28. which song for guitar am i missing
  29. is guitar random?
  30. so over frookies
  31. is the only way to do good at frookies
  32. Forever RIP
  33. Oh how i miss 2012 Tengaged
  34. Anyone wanna join survivor:)
  35. I love fastings
  36. If anyone watches So You Think You Can Dance
  37. What is this blog about and why am i tagged?
  38. Why is qwerty banned again?
  39. question with anyone with a mac
  40. lineballs practice link?


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Hacked Wow Aug 13, 2019
I haven't been on Tengaged in a while to come back to find out that someone has played 20 games on my account in the last 3 weeks... Thats just swell.
So sorry if Ive done anything to you in a recent game.... that wasnt me.
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Have only played about 5 games in past 2 years Nov 11, 2018
and would love to join and plan a game here and there for fun, but it just makes me so sad I cant do that anymore every since I was hacked a few months ago and lost all my ts :/
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So now that theirs admin Aug 13, 2018
can I get the 3000ts back that I lost when I was hacked thanks.
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Hacked! So Frustrated Jun 2, 2018
I know I RARELY play any games still on this site, but I come back day to day to read blogs and see if any of my old friends have posted anything. I come back today to find myself logged out with a changed password, and all 3000 of my ts completely gone and spent on a shop.

This is ridiculous! I had been saving those up for so long.
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Seeing a lot of anniversary blogs is making me sad Feb 10, 2018
I can't believe I joined in 2010, became so crazy obsessed with this site in 2011/2012, and now barely play 2 games a year. It's funny how at the time I would stay up until 4am in the morning on Skype calls and now theres a handful of people left that I talk to.

Miss you all! <3
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First game back in like a year Apr 29, 2017
wish me luck y'all
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