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  2. Thinking About How This Site Used to Be Active
  3. I have arrived
  4. Jessica Graf Avi (pic)
  5. Gift for Gift Jessica Eviction Dress?
  6. I can't offer you an instant BOGO...
  7. I'm begging you
  8. And to think that two days ago I didn't even know..
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  10. Anyone have 450 T$?
  11. Buy From Electric...
  12. Just Posted: Pink Fur!
  13. Black Brow Skin, Gemma Weave, or something else..
  14. Restocked "Status Symbol!"
  15. Male Blue Shirt posted in Electric!
  16. Thank you for selling out three items in my shop!
  17. Hm
  18. Suggest the Next Item I Should Post!
  19. 1 more Status Symbol and Blonde Wavy in Electric!
  20. "Status Symbol" Posted!
  21. Blonde Skinny Skin Posted!
  22. Blonde Wavy Posted!
  23. First Design Posted! Dark Red Lips!
  25. I still can't believe this ever happened lmao
  26. Omg the new updates
  27. This season of Survivor gives me anxiety
  28. I can't stop being emotional...
  30. For lease navy dad
  31. How much do shops go for nowadays?
  32. Remember how cute this was
  33. Clique Frooks! Join now!
  34. Can someone link me to the Lemonica thing
  35. Remember when I won the raffle and got 2nd in..
  36. I'm With Harambe
  37. Your avi is so cute I want omfg
  38. Question:
  39. lmao...
  40. To anyone who hates Da'Vonne

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*Scenarios* Sep 13, 2019
Nicole would beat Jackson
Nicole would beat Holly
Nicole would beat Cliff
Cliff would beat Jackson
Cliff would beat Holly
Jackson would beat Holly

Just my thoughts on the scenarios for the finale, who knows if this is true though!
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Thinking About How This Site Used to Be Active May 11, 2019
What happened?

Literally y'all can't fill a Frookies anymore it's wild to me bc I'm used to like 2015 Tengaged. It's crazy to me omg...
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I have arrived Nov 14, 2017
and bought this cute ass outfit... shit lmao
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Jessica Graf Avi (pic) Aug 21, 2017
imageIf anyone could gift me her eviction dress, I'd be so grateful, and eventually gift you back ASAP!
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Gift for Gift Jessica Eviction Dress? Aug 21, 2017
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I can't offer you an instant BOGO... Jun 23, 2017
For I am simply too poor. But what I can offer you is my greatest gratitude for every last design you spend your hard earned T$s on in my shop. I very much appreciate everything my buyers have already done for me, and I hope that maybe there are a few more of you out there. If not, it's understood, as the richer shop owners offer you something tangible in return. I'm sorry that I simply don't have the funding behind me to offer you the most amazing deals, but I'm glad to have put up a fight this week. If possible, any last sales on these two designs are much appreciated. Thanks to every who has and maybe will support Electric. It's been a pleasure.
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