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Does anyone have the links to the rest of these Jun 25, 2020
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*Scenarios* Sep 13, 2019
Nicole would beat Jackson
Nicole would beat Holly
Nicole would beat Cliff
Cliff would beat Jackson
Cliff would beat Holly
Jackson would beat Holly

Just my thoughts on the scenarios for the finale, who knows if this is true though!
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Thinking About How This Site Used to Be Active May 11, 2019
What happened?

Literally y'all can't fill a Frookies anymore it's wild to me bc I'm used to like 2015 Tengaged. It's crazy to me omg...
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Gift for Gift Jessica Eviction Dress? Aug 21, 2017
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I can't offer you an instant BOGO... Jun 23, 2017
For I am simply too poor. But what I can offer you is my greatest gratitude for every last design you spend your hard earned T$s on in my shop. I very much appreciate everything my buyers have already done for me, and I hope that maybe there are a few more of you out there. If not, it's understood, as the richer shop owners offer you something tangible in return. I'm sorry that I simply don't have the funding behind me to offer you the most amazing deals, but I'm glad to have put up a fight this week. If possible, any last sales on these two designs are much appreciated. Thanks to every who has and maybe will support Electric. It's been a pleasure.
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I'm begging you Jun 23, 2017
Just please someone, anyone buy some designs from Electric. I'm not ready to give up this fight, and I want to continue to bring the most affordable designs to the public as I possibly can. This is my very first shop, and to continue on after this week would be a dream!
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