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for every 50+

Dec 4, 2017 by owlb0ned
i'll tell one of my tindr adventures and if i still hang out with the person

50 - my first ever tindr meet up was with the old quarter back of texas tech and started out nice. he brought two bottles of nice red wine, which are still in my kitchen. he brought weed from seattle. we smoked and drank some whiskey. what i thought started out as good sex soon turned awkward. i'm not rlly into white men if you know me, i'm picky for white men. some white men need their egos stroked and too much attention and nurturing. this was one of those white men. near the end he made us literally stare at each other while he thrusted, which was the most awkward thing ever. as some eye contact during sex can make things more hot and intense, this wasn't one of those times. it was more like me watching him close his eyes and grunt and moan weirdly and try not to laugh as his face went askew. shortly after i got a new tindr and saw him and matched for shits and gig and ever since he doesn't stopped texting me and has gained a big beer belly and is basically a loser.
one time he texted me asking me if i missed his dick with a picture and i told him he needed to shave because his pubes made his dick look small which 2 days later he did and wouldn't leave it alone until i said i was joking. now i occasionally get texts from him begging me to come over and smoke and fuck, would i again? no. definitely not.

100 -


Sent by JustMe,Dec 4, 2017

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