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  1. just watched survivor
  2. my ranking is gold again
  3. 8 year t-anniversary
  4. wow what happened to this website
  5. the wii bowling theme has been stuck in my head..
  6. my entire life changed
  7. real quick
  8. oh yeah
  9. me after not doing the challenge on day 1 survivor
  10. anyone want 2 join survivor w me
  11. does anyone want to start a tribe
  12. best season of hells kitchen???
  13. i hate find me
  14. is there
  15. join casting
  16. im actually offended
  17. are the old challenges just gone completely
  18. why isnt deal the first challenge in my casting
  19. hey
  20. who wants a gift
  21. eat my asshole
  22. what the fuck
  23. hey friends
  24. hey friends
  25. so what is going on in big brother?
  26. hello friends
  27. hey
  28. bradley is the most iconic survivor of all time
  29. this season of survivor is really bad
  30. i just watched survivor
  31. 47 years later
  32. is lorde worth seeing live
  33. good night friends
  34. hey
  35. britney is TOURING
  37. anyone want to join a 300th game frookies
  38. hey
  39. i literally just ate 4 granola bars in 30 minutes
  40. good night

im actually offended

Sep 19, 2018 by obscurity
by how bad the new challenges are
im probably like 6 years late on this but why were they not just mixed in with the old ones


Sent by Brandonator,Sep 19, 2018
brandonator hey hows life
Sent by obscurity,Sep 19, 2018
because they are supposed to be able to be played on mobile which is why they are all watered down tapping answers to questions

and they save as 0 half the time you play on mobile anyways so all of that was for nothing
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 19, 2018
People used cheat engine in the old ones. The new ones are cheat engine proof
Sent by GoodKaren,Sep 19, 2018
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Sep 19, 2018
Obscurity its stupid lol
Sent by Brandonator,Sep 19, 2018

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