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Mysterygame2's Top 10 Songs #9

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Can We Stop Jul 13, 2022
Acting like having a high ranking on is meaningful, or somewhat of an accomplishment.

At the end of the day this website is nothing but pixels, a website in which the owner does not care for.

Group Games are dead.

Shops were ruined by the owner.

Hunger is just one big premade every single time

Survivor is just ran by groups of people and if you don't have one then you might as well go fuck yourself.

Like honestly there are OTHER places to play reality games online. There are other places to talk about reality television.

Yet some people sit here full well knowing the site can be deleted from history at any moment and all the hard work, time, and money people have either bought or scammed from people will be taken away.
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Honestly Jul 13, 2022
People wont be doubling their Ts.
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Rufus. Jun 7, 2022
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Florida sucks Jun 6, 2022
It's hot as fuck
Covid everywhere
Expensive as fuck

It's gonna be the first boot when climate change takes over.
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I cringe May 26, 2022
everytime Jeff says how much HARDER survivor is now. Like its rlly not, they give out so many advantages and chances to save urself. Plus its like 13 days shorter and they give out so much food as rewards.

Sidenote SO HAPPY FOR THE WINNER (not gonna spoil)
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NEW BOOT GOOFIN Apr 19, 2022
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