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Oct 9, 2019 by maturo


I wouldn't say that my autism is an obstacle at all. I am very proud to be autistic.

Sure, I might have some sensory processing problems that make things sometimes a bit too much to, well, process, but I enjoy stimming and the excitement I get from the things I’m interested in. I feel like being autistic makes me more self-reliant in a way because non-autistic people seem to be so concerned with things that just don’t bother me. I don’t get bored in the same way they do. I’m excited and passionate about the things I love in a way that non-autistic people just don’t seem to have as much. And sure, I may get frustrated or anxious when routines change but, it’s not all that bad. And overall, I’m quite happy to think and see the world in the way that I do.

The only thing that’s an obstacle is the fact that non-autistic people seem to see the world so rigid. Ironically, autistic people are seen as the “rigid” ones, when really, I think it’s non-autistic people that are far more rigid and sensitive. I’m very frustrated by the fact that this society is so obsessed with eye contact (other societies are not), so obsessed with unnecessary trivial niceties that I’m considered extremely rude if I don’t incorporate them into my everyday speech. The most frustrating part about being autistic isn’t being autistic - it’s having to deal with this society’s unwillingness to accept different means of interacting.

Still, I would not trade being autistic for anything in the world.
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