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Seriously getting mad

Sep 21, 2018 by maturo
Logging off be back in 1 year to see if this site has got its sh!+ together untill then bye guys and im preying this site survives but if it dosent at least we know why. Ive been playing this game for 6 years now its just getting worse and worse. Congratulations admin randomize you just lost another one and im sure more will quit too goodbye and goodluck guys.
Peace Love & Happiness

Sorry just cant take this immature nonsence anymore.

RIP maturo


Play the survivor comp, Mr. Moonves
Sent by s73100,Sep 21, 2018
you were ok with people posting baby fetuses but now that its improving its getting worse? OK SIS
Sent by dak236,Sep 21, 2018
Sent by _Aria,Sep 21, 2018

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