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  1. never mind
  3. Who wants a gift..?
  5. who wants a gift from tomorrows shop...
  6. who wants to design some items for me
  7. It’s all starting to make sense
  8. Why are people gifting
  9. really, FedEx?
  10. Why Do You Type Like This
  11. Who is joining banned stars
  12. Why is my husband so fucking handsome?! 😍
  13. Nightly reminder
  14. Three times.
  15. Tengaged officially died when I won stars
  16. I’m a misunderstood hero.
  17. When you see this
  18. It’s so hot in my room
  19. Just got my name legally changed
  20. Remember when you got hacked
  21. I remember a long time ago
  22. I’m joining stars Saturday
  23. Also, you may have banned valia
  24. Here’s a title
  25. pic of me not getting banned
  26. Bryce Aron Max Harper.
  27. Well since
  28. Kyle Schwarber is on steroids
  29. Returning to the Stars house Saturday
  30. Why is everyone blogging about dildos
  31. Just made a new rookies icon (pic)
  32. HR Derby night!
  33. My favorite song
  34. Remember when I leaked your address
  35. Ban multis
  36. Who else remembers
  37. PYN for an anonymous opinion from me
  38. Tag a man
  39. Ummm Who TF Is This?? PIC
  40. Should I be banned?

Stop tagging me in blogs

Jul 13, 2018 by maturo
Comparing my actions to you valencia

I used multis but I’ve never “hacked” anyone or put anyone in danger. You literally hack people with nothing in their control and it’s ridiculous how you think you deserve to not get banned.

I haven’t used a multi in ages either so your arguments are invalid!

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