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  1. Guess my age or height or weight for a gift
  2. Going to Seattle/Portland tomorrow for a week
  3. Headed to Orange Theory
  4. What do you look for in a potential mate
  5. You get this message:
  6. Snapchat me
  7. My windows have no curtains atm
  8. Someone! Anyone! Help!
  9. I've got an itch
  10. Spicy chicken sandwich
  11. OK I am ready to come clean
  12. Tonight we spill blood
  13. I have lots of love 2give
  14. Everytime I want to gift someone random
  15. Is any1 here gay?
  16. Any hot sexxxi mamacitas
  17. we live in a society
  18. Cut my life into pizza
  19. Whoops, I dropped my Magnum condom
  20. Chicago style or New York pizza
  21. I'm so pumped for Autumn
  22. Just here to remind you
  23. Who 馃憖 wants to hear馃憘
  24. I think I just fell in love!
  25. I am more than just rock hard abs ok
  26. Pic of me and my dinner 2night
  27. There is love without sex.
  28. No title
  29. PYN for a semi drunk opinion!
  30. Can't believe there are still vegetarians
  31. OK you nerds are making me listen to Taylor
  32. Is any1 here gay?
  33. If u ever see a hearse drive by
  34. I miss being one of the straight guys
  35. Einstein & a Indian sitting next to each other..
  36. British: Can u Swim?
  37. Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5?
  38. Got 9th in my first Hunger Games!
  39. I want you all to remember
  40. I'm hiding under you bed rn

I am the hottest man on TG

Jun 12, 2019 by malachite05
But me likes the ladies sorry bois :*


you got like 5 snap filters on your selfie ok!!
Sent by nmh95,Jun 12, 2019
bois in french is wood... hmmm
Sent by TaraG,Jun 12, 2019
nmh95 it's cuz when I post unfiltered full face my inbox overflows
Sent by malachite05,Jun 12, 2019

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