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Lydia's out!!! Jul 1, 2012
If you watch BBUK you'll probaly know that Lydia is out of the house! Is anyone surprised, because I thought Deana would go? :)
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Too much blogging Jul 1, 2012
Is it possible to blog to much and get punished? LOL, just indering. :D
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Frookies? Jul 1, 2012
I think i'm quite close to getting into my first frookies!!! Could someone please tell me the rules and stuff of it?!? It would be really cool if you did. :)
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My Epic Big Brother Game! (MEBBG) Jun 24, 2012
I was sitting on my sofa wondering what to blog! So I thought... why don't I make a bog brother game!? Please join! All you have to do is PYN please join and I promise it will be fun!
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Oldest tengager? Jun 18, 2012
I was thinking hmmmm..... what should I blog?!? Then I thought, I wonder who was the 1st person to come on here... do you know? If you don't, it don't matter... but pleae plus! :D
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Favorite BBUK and US housemate this year? Jun 18, 2012
What's your favourite? Personally mine is probaly Caroline Wharram, but who is yours?
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