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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 22, 2014 by krrais
Nice words from nice people :)

Dear krrais,

Despite being in the most distant timezone for us at TSC, you still manage to be with us and provide music that we all love. I still think you’re one of the most underrated players here. You’re consistently good. Thanks for just being an overall cool person. - Pabs/Pablito

#krrais – Again, it feels cool to meet another Indonesian. You’re calm and relaxed. The fact you also watch The Amazing Race gives a smile on my face. Dan terima kasih banyak buat hadiahnya waktu itu! - Ran/TheBlackDog

#krrais we played together not long ago you are so friendly and amazing we need to play again soon and we should talk more :* - Adam/AdamPaulgrant

krrais - Krisna, you are just too nice and I had sooo much fun talking with you in that castings.. Unfortunately you were evicted but i really wanted you to stay till the end of that game.. Anyway, I hope we play more games soon! :) - Acyuta/Acyuta

krrais - You are the best person i have ever met on tengaged ! I love the way you get along with people. Thanks for that special fun we had in our casting since then didn't got apportunity to play with you. You always mail me and talk to me which i love it. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. #TrueFriend . - Rohan/RohanChaubey

krrais thank you fro the grats and thank you for posting because it reminded me that i had forgotten to reply to your skype message!:p we met in #Davyprentiss charity and im so glad we did because i love chatting to you on skype! we've gotten to know each other a lot in the past few weeks and you are a really friendly and approachable person who shows an interest in other people which is a really nice quality!:) and i particularly i love our chats on films and global warming!!(LOL!!) < 3 - Olive/Oliviaxoxo

Krrais - you're the biggest sweetheart I can just tell by the short talk we've had! :) I hope you forgive me for voting you out of survivor I hope we can play another game soon!! ♥ I promise I'll be more loyal ;) - Warren/RoseMaria

Congratualtions! :D
I have always seen you as a true friend and not like others here who are fake just to win a game. Our friendship is beyond games :) I love chatting with you everyday :) You also try to make people happy :) < 3 keep going brother < 3 - Rohan/RohanChaubey

krrais -- You were sneaky and a loyal person, you stay low and stick to a five-man alliance which is good, you sure do go inactive alot but you played smooth and nicely. Your strategy in some games are nice which I checked out (stalka much). You play good on challenges which is uhhh.... Idk xD Flawless? - Callum/Tetsuya

krrais - You were in one of my first castings and I was like obsessed with your avatar's toast outfit :p I'm glad we have talked a bit more lately, now I know you're more than just the toast guy, you're a really nice and friendly person :) - Calvin/smoothstalker12

krrais - Another amaze-ball person. I kept bothering you sorry but I really love talking to a lot of people, and you're one of them. Thanks for being there, and you got me scared one time we talked about something serious. LOL thanks :) love to talk to you more, hold on tight Krisna! - Callum/Tetsuya

Krrais: Krisna! Hey, we haven't talked in a while but your a great guy and my hunger mentor back in my first hunger lmao. Your a nice and outgoing guy that I became friends with right away! Its always an awesome experience playing a game with you and chatting with you, cause your a really nice guy! We should talk some more! Get on Skype more often! - Jason/JasonXtreme

krrais - Krisna brooo you just went to sleep and didn't get to see my opinion... RIP! I got to talk to you so much today like the hunger games days and it was fun haha :P I have made 100000 opinions of you idiot you don't need any more :P - Chrismell/Christossss

krrais - YOURE TOO CUTE AWHHHHHHH youre like a baby omg. ;) jk i love you, youre really sweet! i would talk to you more but our timezones make it impossible - Maxine/Maxi1234

Krrais - Krisna!!!! You are one of the nicest people on this site with amazing personality. You've always helped me and never said no. I love each and every game that we play together and I cannot wait to join survivor with you. And you've become truly amazing at challenges! You are one of the people that I trust the most! And #DynamicTrio rocks < 3 - Acyuta/Acyuta

krrais , you know how i feel about you, even tho we met late i really love that i met you here, you're always supporting and willing to share a gentle word with me, it's like we were meant to be:) i'm impatient to hear some more songs from you too (and Yes.. I'm talking about the ones you sing)... - Talian/Talian

Krisna < 3 Another person I met after I joined #Affinity which is why I love the frat so much; i've met sooo many lovely people! :D And since then our paths on Tengaged have been entwined together. What with Karaoke Idol (and you have a lovely voice and I sososo wanted you to win #robbed) to Survivor to Castings. It's never a boring time with you around, although you're really good at key snatching in Castings! I also adore your taste in music; seriously it's so good! Years & Years < 3 I've been following your blogs yeah tehe~ - David/Carlisle

krrais: I love the way you call me Rohan ChauBAE! You are creative, hard working and a perfect friend. You care about those who are around you and you are fun loving. < 3 - Rohan/RohanChaubey

#krrais TOAST! I love you dude you are funny, kinda, and you are an amazing ally to have.  I hope our friendship continues to grow on here! - Cal/Timeflies

Shout out to Krrais!
Krisna your a great and nice friend! I really enjoy being in a convo and chilling with you! your honestly a great guy and funny too :) Its amazing that we met like half a year ago :o time flies eh! but yeah I feel like your a great friend and im blessed to call you a friend :) - Jason/JasonXtreme

KRISNA < 3 < 3: I missed how we used to talk a lot and I know we've grown apart but i still love you so much and you're an awesome friend < 3 - Madison/EternalBlossom

krrais - Krisna you are sooo amazing and one of my favorite people on this site by far!!! Our time differences SUCK but it's ok because we can talk all the time when I run away to indonesia and get into trouble with you driving illegally ;) Our conversations are great and you make me laugh so hard sometimes, we love the same music, and you are one of the people on here that I know I can trust and that will always have my back :) You asked for a novel so I tried my best, there are so many more things that I could say about you but it would fill up this entire blog, so I will just leave it by saying that Johsna is for life OK BYE LOSER < 3


Numbers - 1090
WoF - 53800
Starflakes - 327
Maze - 760
Endurance - 2000ish
Match3 -  61100
Words - 1548
Lineballs - 163220


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3 years OMG!
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