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Hosting at 9:15 ish

Jan 8, 2018 by koolness234
10 Players each player must be on cam and have something to write with.

It works in 3 rounds.

1st round everyone has ten seconds to answer a general knowledge trivia question and write their answer down on their phone, whiteboard, or paper. Both hands must remain in the frame at the same time. If you get it correct you move on, incorrect you are out. This continues until 1 person is left and they pick someone to be safe out of the losers.

2nd round. The remaining people not safe vote on who they think is the dumbest player. Whoever gets the most votes is up for elimination and must choose to face off against one of the players who voted for them.

3rd round they face off in an intense trivia battle loser of the 1 on 1 battle is eliminated

wash rinse repeat till final 3

must have cam post your skype below if you want to play


don't pick Halloween
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