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It has never been stealing

Jan 6, 2018 by koolness234
He bought it for the asking price and you got what you asked for on the design.
Nowadays with it costing 50t shit he purchased it rightfully.

Not 2388 fault yall were slow gifters


Tea ness
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Jan 6, 2018
for an 8 stock it wasnt slow
Sent by Brxan,Jan 6, 2018
brxan slow enough for 2388 to push his shopping cart in get the outfit and pay for it at the checkout
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2018
Lmfaoooo I remember when I was like 16 and got so mad over someone taking a design meant to be gifted by me

Idk why stuff like that's such a big deal when ur younger
Sent by Danger,Jan 6, 2018
Thank u ily!!!!
Sent by 2388,Jan 6, 2018
Sent by Queenisha,Jan 6, 2018
Koolness234 mhm okay
Sent by Brxan,Jan 6, 2018
danger lol me too it was going to be my first gift it was ugly too but now I realize like you posted for 50t and you got what you asked for
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2018
Technically, yes it isn't stealing, but when someone else gets what's meant to be for another person you feel bad and you use the term stealing because it's what makes sense in the meanwhile. And when everyone that steals uses it in that connotation and hypes themselves up as some legends because they stole a pixel on an online website you start to grow distaste for the word and use it as such.
Sent by GentlemanG,Jan 6, 2018
Sent by iTy990,Jan 6, 2018
I am more concerned about why he would ask me for files just to rerfresh my shop a week later =L
Sent by CutieAmy,Jan 6, 2018
gentlemang yeah just because the majority of people use the word does not mean it is not stealing further more I think people need to check themselves if they get up in arms about a pixel designs on an online site. Now if the design went to someone with 0 designs I would feel bad for the person but when people in hte past condemn someone stealing their design and I go to check their profile and they have 2323232323232 gifts I have no sympathy. Also I do not call it stealing because as you pointed out it isnt stealing. Maybe I am insentive to this because I rarely get gifted nor care about the design aspects.
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2018
cutieamy apparently he was planning this as a master heist
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2018
gentlemang Also I have seen 1t sales and 50ts sales when I was casually looking at the shop and I never take them because I know they are intended for someone else but if I did take one I would not feel bad about it but I dont think cutieamy even cares
Sent by koolness234,Jan 6, 2018

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