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  1. so people are plussing sex gifs
  2. every rookies i help i get nommed right away
  3. how do we pronounce gif?
  4. i love CHRIS KROEZE
  5. how do men get big tits to be a woman
  6. this gives me life
  7. hiya 馃槑
  8. how do people get charities and i never had 1 yet
  9. i like when people say
  10. i hate when people cant own up for cheating in..
  11. No title
  12. this is why nobody joins
  13. answer
  14. battlefield 5 vs black ops 4
  15. wish i was popular 馃槑
  16. is my voice team ok?
  17. did u all know being homo is all over the tvs now
  18. hiya 馃槑
  19. people keep telling me
  20. what candies is everyone talking about?
  21. hiya 馃槑
  22. are people still not bored of this site? xD
  23. voted
  24. hiya 馃槑
  25. who else liked that blindeside
  26. looks like maturo never learns
  27. whos going home today?
  28. do some people not know how to use spoiler button
  29. who planned to go home this week?
  30. hiya 馃槑
  31. love scottie
  32. every top blog is someone trying to get someone..
  33. hiya 馃槑
  34. i like older girls
  35. let me try again since last time i was ignored
  36. i like how jc
  37. rockstar is going home
  38. are the people banned perm banned?
  39. im going to write a blog each day with my stupid..
  40. I like how people get told where to go in a blog


Mar 7, 2018 by koolcoop


Sent by wwemrpeeps,Mar 7, 2018
hey wwemrpeeps ignore the stupid people who say stupid things u have been nice to me
Sent by koolcoop,Mar 7, 2018

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