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  1. Sex?
  2. Join me for league of legends
  3. Yo can i get some negs?
  4. JOIN
  5. Dance party in my castings
  6. No cap
  7. Me @ EyooMarcus and I Carrying a 4 v 5 *gif*
  8. Can i carry someone in league for a gift
  9. Anyone wanna play league?
  11. Story time
  12. WTf is a reverse pedophile VVVVVVVVV
  13. Hear me out here for real tho
  14. Why did 13 multis just join my fasting and alll..
  15. Okay but here’s an @ to all designers
  16. I will whore myself for Robux
  17. What does it take to become relevant on this site..
  18. Anyone here play league?
  19. Anyone here play Roblox Big Brother?
  20. A big thanks
  21. Save me in stars if you like Carlton
  22. Who do i vote for?! Tally.
  23. Officially 19
  24. so pink
  25. Like how hard is it to bring back a game that he..
  27. I need 6 more for survivor
  28. Join survivor with me!!
  29. Join survivor :)
  30. Does anyone want to start a tribe with me?
  31. Did rando change the evicted avatars again?
  32. If a shop owner posts good male hair
  33. Can a shop owner post some good male hair pls?
  34. Multi alert
  35. When a guy clearly states himself and his muti to..
  36. Does anyone here have thyroid problems?!
  37. Tag
  38. tag me :)
  39. Anyone have the 13 post rookies rules?
  40. survivor

A big thanks

Aug 21, 2017 by kindlycruel1
To everyone that has saved me in the pollbox and anon votes so far! :)


ur welcome!
Sent by Darbe,Aug 21, 2017
darbe I knew I could always count on your support :)
Sent by kindlycruel1,Aug 21, 2017
Sent by ChubbyHuggs,Aug 21, 2017

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