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Aug 12, 2018 by joey96
Well, I came here to play a game and, you know, this week it became very personal when GinaMarie said very defamatory and harsh comments against me. So, you know, you called me a rat and I don’t-and I’M TALKING. I don’t know if where you live in New York at your mom’s house at 33 years of age what rats look like, but they look like you and not me because I’m FABULOUS. Thank you! I’ll see you all at jury. I love all of you. I’m obsessed with you. I’m obsessed with you and you. And you’re psycho for carrying around a boy’s hat that would never like you in real life. Take your contacts out and your tongue ring! Okay!??


A legend. She started the trend of African American women being the first member of the jury.
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