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4thDec 30, 2013 by jdog
[8:14:17 PM] Viv: i never gift ppl that ask me..........
[8:14:31 PM] Viv: its so annoying
[8:15:31 PM] Viv: remind me to gift u from my next shop please
[8:15:40 PM] Viv: like quote that

[6:57:47 PM] Jdog< 3s his right hand: now
[6:58:14 PM] Jdog< 3s his right hand: touch me inappropriately
[6:58:31 PM] Suzy < 3's Don: *touches you inappropriately*

[1:01:31 AM] Bailey|Baza: #Bazadog
[1:01:32 AM] Bailey|Baza: (inlove)
[1:04:42 AM] Jdog< 3s his right hand: yassss
[1:05:17 AM] Bailey|Baza: gonna put it on my profile tbh
[1:05:21 AM] Bailey|Baza: too show our love
[1:05:27 AM] Bailey|Baza: and in times of people thinking you hate me
[1:05:32 AM] Bailey|Baza: they will look at my profile and be like
[1:05:34 AM] Bailey|Baza: oh wait
[1:05:37 AM] Bailey|Baza: they are married

anthousai 1 min ago
did i say i want to fuck jdog or save him in a castings

I think you fuck a lot of hot chicks but idk u well
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,May 13, 2020

[2014-07-25 4:39:53 PM] Hanna ♥: tbh jj99 asked me for a tit or ass pic
[2014-07-25 4:39:55 PM] Hanna ♥: im obvs not voting for him
[2014-07-25 4:40:04 PM] Hanna ♥: i prefer to be called a whore
[2014-07-25 4:40:05 PM] Hanna ♥: tbh

tv star #258

for backround D8E7F5

highest rank 105th
ranked since oct 16th 2011


[2:15:12 AM] jenz: that's what happens when u flick the bean at 1030 PM it knocks you out like some good codeine

[8:07:11 PM] Torsa: oh well i blew my best friend’s ex
[8:07:14 PM] Torsa: like this past monday
[8:07:15 PM] jessica (irelia): LMFAO WTF
[8:07:24 PM] Torsa: ironically i’m his best friend’s ex too
[8:07:25 PM] jessica (irelia): TORSA SISTERS BEFOREMISTERS
[8:07:28 PM] Matt FiFi: YES
[8:07:31 PM] Matt FiFi: GET IT
[8:07:35 PM] Jdaddy: LMAO YES TORSA
[8:07:37 PM] Jdaddy: SUCK THAT COCK
[8:07:49 PM] jessica (irelia): Lmfao
[8:07:49 PM] Torsa: uh no offense i’m never sucking dick again in my life that was the worst experience ever
[8:07:54 PM] jessica (irelia): You’ll get used to it
[8:07:59 PM] Torsa: i thoguht iw as gonna die like 10000%
[8:08:01 PM] Matt FiFi: you just have to go at it

[11:21:24 PM] Matt FiFi: ok Shyanne I'm sure you have no irrational fears
[11:21:28 PM] Matt FiFi: miss PERFECT
[11:21:33 PM] Shyanne: I'm scared of tutles
[11:21:35 PM] Shyanne: turtles

[12/31/16, 5:49:30 PM] Viv: You called your dad the n word bc he ordered pepperoni pizza
[12/31/16, 5:49:39 PM] badgalcandy: IT WAS my mom

[4:29:25 PM] lil gal tisha (hints): oh my boyfriend Scooby is quite easy on the EYE!

[12:16:08 AM] Rozlyn: OMG OMG OMG <3
[12:17:06 AM] Rozlyn: im voting cole
[12:17:10 AM] Rozlyn: i hope you die in a car wreck tbh
[12:17:14 AM] Jdaddy: LMAO

i mean, if you want to continue making straight guys thinking your a hot chick then... whatever floats your boat but, you're obviously quite the opposite of that.
Sent by Sniffles,Apr 22, 2020

from Marlakk 1 min ago
I want you on your back, you pig. You don't speak, you oink. You understand me, piggy slut?


where the hoes


Sent by _Adidas_,Dec 30, 2013
Yours a fake cunt
Sent by StaRfReSh33,Dec 31, 2013

Sent by Vans,Dec 31, 2013
Sent by TheACF12,Dec 31, 2013
-15 soz
Sent by teamjacz,Dec 31, 2013
+6 Courtney_ Fake cunt
Sent by JakeD,Dec 31, 2013
TheACF12 Teamjacz Thanks guys :)

JakeD who are you?
Sent by Courtney_,Dec 31, 2013
WHo are you is the real question. Courtney_
Sent by JakeD,Jan 1, 2014
Sent by yellowunicorn,Jul 8, 2014

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