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Hells kitchen season 2 episode 2

Dec 24, 2018 by imprincearthur
Season 2 cast
Red team
Lev- Levonini
Mac- Macda27
Jeremey- Wuau
Carly- Carlyjordan14
Jenna- JennaValentina
High- HIghnoon

Blue team.
Celine Dion
Ellen Pompeo
Jesse Spencer
Ryan Eggold
Leonardo Dicaprio
Reese Witherspoon

Eliminated chefs
14th- Maicolx3

*Inside hells kitchen*
Chef: Welcome to week two chefs and now it gets intense whichever team loses this challenge will automatically have to put one person up for elimination no matter on what happens at service. Today's challenge is battle of the teams. Each dish will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5. GO!!!!!


Chef:Alright battle of the pork dishes Cher and Levonini

*They would explain their dishes*

Chef: Cher your dish is a solid 3 while Lev yours is a perfect 5. Battle of the lamb Celine and Jennavalentina.

*They would explain their dishes*

Chef: Celine a perfect 4 and Jenna a solid 3. Battle of the beef Ellen and macda27

*They would explain their dishes*
Chef:Ellen a solid 3 and Mac a low 2 it was disgusting.

The rest of the teams would compete.

Chefs: Time for final score.
Red team:25
Blue team: 23

Congratulations red team on your challenge win. Blue team tonight you all will nominate one person for elimination.

Dinner service.

Chef: Alright let's have a smooth service.

*1 hour into service*

Chef: Jennavalentina come here.

She would walk to the pass.

Chef: What the hell is this? It's fu**ing raw!!!!!!.

*Mac Would improve from the challenge and impress the chef*

*End of service*

Chef: The losing team is both teams. All of you get upstairs and bring me two nominees each and reasons why blue since y'all lost the challenge I only need 1 from your team so 2 total.

*They would vote*

Chef:Blue team first nominee and why.

Jesse: Our first nominee is Cher sir we believe she underperformed tonight at service.

Chef:Second nominee and why.

Jesse:Our second nominee is Ryan chef he could have done a lot better on apps.

Chef:Red team first nominee and why.

Jeremy: Our first nominee is macda27 because he got the lowest score from the challenge.

Mac(Confessional): I don't believe I should be nominated because of one challenge. Watch out Jeremy if i stay your out next.

Chef: Second nominee and why.

Jeremy: Our second nominee is Highnoon due to minor flukes on fish.

Chef: Cher, Ryan, Macda27, and highnoon come on down.

* They would explain why they deserve to stay in hells kitchen *

Chef: Before I give my decision I must throw this twist out there. One member on elimination from each team will be eliminated.

*the teams are shook*

Chef: That's right it's a double elimination. So my decision is Macda27

Mac: Chef I just want to apologize i---

Chef:Get back in line.

Mac:Yes chef.

Chef: Highnoon give me your jacket. My other decision is Ryan. Please leave hells kitchen.

-End episode---
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Jenna needs to step it up YOU GO SIS
Sent by JennaValentina,Dec 24, 2018

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