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  1. I'm Sorry.
  2. I swear
  3. Actual History from 2015.
  4. LiL iTy - Die Alone [Official Audio]
  5. LiL iTy - Woah Boy (Cam Newton)
  6. LiL iTy - RasCiTy Bitch! [Official Remix]
  7. LiL iTy - Save That Shit [Official Remix]
  8. LiL iTy - IDEK [Official Audio]
  9. LiL iTy - Die Soon [Official Audio]
  10. To be fair.
  11. Lying might be the Best Strategy.
  12. People who matter:
  13. Clapped Back in the Pollbox.
  14. The only thing that makes you funny.
  15. It's almost 4:05
  16. The Campaign: GentlemanG 2018
  17. Any Chxmpions?
  18. How did all my dreams turn to nightmares?
  19. I know this won't make a whole lot of difference.
  20. Are you a Chxmpion?
  21. I can take you there,
  22. Legendary
  23. Any Chxmpions?
  24. Next Big Frat?
  25. I can fake it with the best of anyone.
  26. She caught me using multi's.
  27. I see things nobody else sees.
  28. All Gold Everything.
  29. LiL iTy
  30. I can't ever do anything nice
  31. I wish I had friends.
  32. If he's hating call him Jake Paul!
  33. My Religious View.
  34. Hold Me, I can't Breathe
  35. Got you singing the Star Spangled Spiel,
  36. Updated Stars Winner List.
  37. If he's hating call him Jake Paul!
  38. There's always somebody online on TG.
  39. Oh Now I get it.
  40. I don't get it.

Lying might be the Best Strategy.

Dec 31, 2017 by iTy990
But it will never be the Right Thing to do.
Don't let your past mistakes define you.


nice advice (y)
Sent by GiGi10,Dec 31, 2017

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