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  1. Eric Haaer is a Good Singer.
  2. I'd rather be hated for Winning.
  3. I've said Stars was a Strategy Contest.
  4. I wanna see a Stars
  5. Stars Support.
  6. I just don't get the appeal
  7. Bullshit
  8. This Article Title is My Life.
  9. Me IRL
  10. Stars Vlog!(Nommed for 6th)
  11. 10 Minutes,
  12. XXXTentacion>>>Drake
  13. Baby I don't Understand This,
  14. LMAO
  15. Twitch Overall is just wack.
  16. Got a New Job <3.
  17. I hope you never see me again</3
  18. Stars Winner List.
  19. We've been without .es and so Long.
  21. It's confirmed.
  22. I always judge fake people too.
  23. I don't understand how tf my Plug Talk.
  24. So this happened today...
  25. These boys don't like me
  26. Autistic people are smart.
  27. It's so wrong.
  28. Hitler.
  29. It really couldve been
  30. All Religion is Fake.
  31. If Lady Gaga came out in a Hijab
  32. LMAO
  33. I love being a Toxic Person sometimes.
  34. RasCity the type of dude
  35. What a loser.
  36. Me when I have exactly 420 Mails.
  37. There's something beautiful
  38. I hate you.
  39. Avi Rates are meaningless.
  40. I know this will Stay at +15

Lying might be the Best Strategy.

Dec 31, 2017 by iTy990
But it will never be the Right Thing to do.
Don't let your past mistakes define you.


nice advice (y)
Sent by GiGi10,Dec 31, 2017

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