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BB Queens of Pop 2018 - 8th.

Aug 23, 2018 by iScotty

After Rihanna's ( Moxii) win, the final competition took place in the BB house. The game was about pop girl reactions to events, which the players had to guess the reaction from each queen.

After a close battle, Selena ( CutieAmy) managed to win the final competition, being the last person safe from eviction.

Shortly after, in a shocking twist, MBD Bot revealed all the votes of the week. They were:

Charli - Gaga ( Lemjam6) ✗
Dua (MrPokeGuy9) - Taylor ( AustinRules6969)
Gaga ( Lemjam6) - Selena ( CutieAmy) ✗
Katy ( Bigdizzleyomama) - Rihanna ( Moxii)✗
Rihanna ( Moxii) - Bebe ( CFFF)

Both Taylor and Bebe had one vote only, making Selena the deciding vote. In the end, Selena decided to evict Bebe ( CFFF)from the BB House.


Interview with Bebe:

S: Bebe, what went wrong?
B: Well, the other side won more challenges this week and since they knew I sucked the most at challenges, they evicted me over Taylor. It is whatever. Like I say, jurors don't create bitter juries, finalists do.

S: Would you play in a battleback if there was one?
B: Of course!

S: Who are you rooting for + biggest threats?
B: I think the biggest threat is Gaga or Dua. It seems they care the most and are very dedicated, a little obsessed if you ask me.
I will be rooting for Taylor, Dua, and even Charli since they did not attack me or evict me for not showing up at challenges.

At the end of the day, I beat Sia so it was a good season!

Thank you Bebe for participating in BB Queens of Pop 2018.

Chic Hints Lemjam6 Cfff Fetish Jojo7784 Koolness234 MrPokeguy9 Nightcore Temponeptune @KatherinePierce Judi @Estee  Bigdizzleyomama CutieAmy Moxii AustinRules6969 Crissy15 Kelly0412


Love you Brian 😘😘
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 23, 2018
Brian i love you but you didnt show up for anything
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Aug 23, 2018
good riddance to bad trash x
Sent by Nightcore,Aug 24, 2018

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