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The huzzy22's blog

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Sorry I haven’t been active anyone Mar 11, 2022
Been on a camping get away and have not had much internet access
Points: 69 3 comments
Omg I look amazing now Feb 7, 2022
Thank you so much simpizzle
Points: 31 2 comments
I need a gift Feb 7, 2022
Omg would someone gift me the Ariana skins, I am
Points: 0 0 comments
Welcome to silver level Feb 3, 2022
Yay I did it :)
Points: 74 3 comments
Happy birthday to me Feb 1, 2022
It’s my birthday today and hopefully gonna make my first survivor merge and upgrade to silver level :)
Which is a nice little cherry on top
Points: 51 3 comments
Twinning Jan 6, 2022
I might be broke now but worth it, twinning
Points: 22 2 comments