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Bradys Survivor indonesi Oct 14, 2021
Apt tribe Coach Wade Brady Spaulding host
i will now present you with a poem
It is the Season of the haunts
who like to come out and flaunt
thier blood and gore thats for sure
fly across a Midnight sky across the Moon
so very high they dip and they dive
and float to the ground and Dance
Dance Dance around the fire they go
wicked spells enchantments too
thats surely aimed at terrifying you
Vampires and Werewolves all claim the nigh
jus so they can give you a fright
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Bradys Survivor Indonesia Oct 14, 2021
Apt Tribe for every 20 points i will tell you something about me that you dont know
sing you a song do a rap or even a poem
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Facebook Oct 4, 2021
Facebook Instagram other apps out due to major outage
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Friday the Thirteenth Movies Oct 1, 2021
Dont let Jason get you this weekend
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Birthday Sep 16, 2021
Happy Birthday to me
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Castings Sep 11, 2021
they really need to make a new format for castings so people cant CHEAT
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