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Big Brother 17 Cast Rankings: Week 2

Jul 9, 2015 by gravy
1. Johnny Mac - I have no clue how, but Johnny Mac has managed to become my favorite houseguest of all time. He is wildly entertaining and I think has the potential to win. He's the only person to play in every comp so far and he has done fairly well (when he tries)

2. Becky - I think this week Becky has really proved herself to be a serious contender in this game. Although I'm worried she'll be evicted in a double eviction after a target wins POV, I really hope she makes it far

3. Austin - At first, I was terribly worried for Austin's game due to his connection with Jace, now that he has had time to become his own person, I think he has the willpower and strength to make it to possible f5

4. Da'vonne - Regardless of this situation she is in, I think Da'vonne has really been a trooper. She has not once thrown in the towel. I cannot imagine keeping my will when the odds are as stacked against me as rough as they are against her. Go Day!

5. James - I think James is playing really well and keeping his hands clean for the most part. I believe that he can buckle down and win some comps when he needs to.

6. Jason - He's not as absurd as he seemed to be at the beginning, I hope he goes far

7. Steve - I still hope he does well, he just hasn't done much this week except win a BOB. Go Steve!!

8. Liz/Julia - I really like both of them and I hope they can manage to survive until they can both enter, although it would be funny to see the twist just fuck up lol.

9. Vanessa - She hasn't done anything to make me like her or hate her. Indifferent.

10. Jeff - Same as Vanessa, he just seems like a tool

11. Clay - I like his willingness to use his girlfriend to make moves for him, it's ruthless and smart in my eyes, I think he'll outlast Shelli

12. Meg - I just don't like her, I really hope she goes tonight, she's so annoying.

13. Shelli - She went from my #2 to my #13, she is on a power trip and doesn't realize she's not in power next week. I feel like she's dug herself a hole with Clay

14. Jackie - I haven't heard any gameplay from her at all.

15. Audrey - Audrey is such an unnecessarily rough player. She jumped into the game head first and has gotten herself in really hot water. She is manipulative and simply a compulsive liar, I really hope the backdoor plan next week goes through

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