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  1. Israel’s song
  2. A spider just full on landed next to me
  3. One thing I find hilarious about my job
  4. Just saw black panther!!
  5. Ben was the real winner of this season
  6. I passed my driving test!!
  7. Can we all just appreciate for a second
  8. I’ve just watched all stars snatch game
  9. When is rupaul
  10. Kinda wanna play a game
  11. Some bastard
  12. In all honesty
  13. Apparently the guy who played Puck in glee
  14. Just done my insurance for the car I’m buying
  16. I had two interviews today
  17. I feel really sick
  18. Ranking the queens
  19. Pick one
  20. Just had a phone interview
  21. OMG so today at work
  22. Failed my driving test
  23. Why is the narrator Marcus Bentley
  24. Got my driving test on tuesday
  25. At this point
  26. Catching up on cbbuk
  27. Courtney is such a class act
  28. This year
  29. Rooting for
  31. I’m sorry
  32. Just catching up with cbbuk
  33. Avatar looks amazing
  34. I fucking hate snow
  35. Avi
  36. Been a brilliant week
  37. When you start a new job
  38. I start my new job tomorrow
  39. Lady Olenna Tyrell
  40. How long should it be

Ben was the real winner of this season

Mar 3, 2018 by g1ng4
And we all know this! #rpdr


Funny way to spell Aja
Sent by AlanDuncan,Mar 3, 2018
Funny way to spell Thorgy Thor
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Mar 3, 2018
alanduncan I have to admit I wish she had come back!
Sent by g1ng4,Mar 3, 2018
Funny way to spell Thorgy Thor
Sent by Matthew09,Mar 3, 2018

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