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It's all about the memories

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Why do people hate Elena Nov 29, 2021
from bb19 so much?

Like that season is bad but people on Twitter HATE her for what she did and I am like she was't even that close to being the worst.

lemjam6 and I stan
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Sometimes Nov 27, 2021
I feel I should vote for myself from the website.
Points: 32 1 comments
This is the avi Nov 26, 2021
That I do believe is me in Find Me. Yes, it could be any generic male avi but deep down in my heart, I know it is me.
Points: 108 7 comments
Guys, I made the merge!!! Nov 26, 2021
Go me!
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Nov 25, 2021
Thankful for all of you and the friendships I made <3
Points: 8 1 comments
Hello everyone! Nov 23, 2021
Points: 34 3 comments