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I took my designs off Oct 21, 2016
As a strategy in fastings and got 15th anyway LOL
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guyz Oct 20, 2016
why aren't the games loading? when i go to play deal it's just the instructions and everyone elses scores
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Should I buy black? Oct 20, 2016
I've been brown for more than five years so maybe it's time.. I like being brown tho

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when someone on here was making a Tengaged spin off site, and we were all losing our minds over it

And then it was like not even real
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Does anyone remember Oct 20, 2016
My legacy of ham? Or is a 5 year disappearance too long? #nolongerrelevant #queenham
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Does no one play games here anymore Oct 19, 2016
Why are the games so slow to fill up

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