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  1. First 20 seconds
  2. Dammmn
  3. another question
  4. Havent been here in a while
  5. Just saw this BB fact on twitter
  6. Camila>Ariana
  7. I know these prices are pretty damn high, but
  8. Has randomize banned anyone else recently
  9. I didn't realize people still had blog deleting..
  10. Did anyone go to the Camila Cabello concert last..
  11. Can randomize
  12. Pink Versace Dress 7122 T$
  13. Thanks.
  15. What did
  16. Did randomize ban anything today
  17. What song are you listening to right now?
  18. Results
  19. So this is my survivor cast
  20. Did any of you have a user on here that helped
  21. Should I start with S1 of RuPauls Drag Race?
  22. Reality show recommendations?
  23. So why do people
  24. Not sure what to say
  25. Seems like Jacob cursed Morgan
  26. James may have figured out Dom's lie but
  27. Chelsea queen of struggling with rope
  28. Chelsea invisible 3 episodes in a row
  29. Wait, havent watched BBCan yet
  30. Think there could be a triple montage this season?
  31. Ugh, the ones they chose to digest on The Voice
  32. Honestly, some of my favorite singers seem to be..
  33. What happened to
  34. Wait, people still take stars seriously?
  35. Who are you voting for in BBCAN?
  36. I'll buy female lips if you sell on shop.
  37. Why does
  38. Can't wait for Avril Lavigne 2018
  39. How many people do you have in your filter list?
  40. If Trump called the people wasting their lifes..

Ugh, the ones they chose to digest on The Voice

Mar 6, 2018 by boogie23
JessLee doing I'm With You by the legendary Avril Lavigne

And Megan Lee's sounded really good.

And I heard the studio versions on Apple Music.

I think Jordyns was good too, but havent heard it fully yet.


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