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  1. So why do people
  2. Not sure what to say
  3. Seems like Jacob cursed Morgan
  4. James may have figured out Dom's lie but
  5. Chelsea queen of struggling with rope
  6. Chelsea invisible 3 episodes in a row
  7. Wait, havent watched BBCan yet
  8. Think there could be a triple montage this season?
  9. Ugh, the ones they chose to digest on The Voice
  10. Honestly, some of my favorite singers seem to be..
  11. What happened to
  12. Wait, people still take stars seriously?
  13. Who are you voting for in BBCAN?
  14. I'll buy female lips if you sell on shop.
  15. Why does
  16. Can't wait for Avril Lavigne 2018
  17. How many people do you have in your filter list?
  18. If Trump called the people wasting their lifes..
  19. Would The Challenge
  20. Which is worse?
  21. So, Sunny got fished by a female teenager who..
  22. Watching the first Catfish episode
  23. oh
  24. Also honestly
  25. Can someone who is a Ariana Grande fan
  26. What is the weirdest full avi
  27. Do you think
  28. Question
  29. I dont think your terrible Memphis
  30. Who do you think is the nicest
  31. When did
  32. So there is this flop host on roblox TAR
  33. Most bullshit TD elimination in your opinion?
  34. Very random question..
  35. I think rip Roark
  37. I've never believed a redhead in my life!
  38. Queen hag
  39. Katrina was like UTR2
  40. Simone UTR1

Chelsea queen of struggling with rope

Mar 7, 2018 by boogie23


reminds me of maturo jk
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 7, 2018

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