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What would you do?

Oct 16, 2020 by bomberv
I'm coming to the end of studying 2nd-year law school and am working at a law firm doing probate/receptionist work as a junior.

I make 35 Dollars an hour (which is great), and when I finish my degree, they will probably offer me a job, HOWEVER it's the most toxic environment ever.

I am the youngest at the firm the next oldest is 28 (im 20) they literally act better than me, look down at me, I HATE nearly everyone at the firm. The head boss chooses favourites (he likes me), but I don't like him, and I have one friend their so im their 9 hours a day (when not doing uni work)  just waiting to go home.

and when i say toxic environment i mean my boss literally fired someone today and escorted HER out of the building  with security just to humiliate her (she's literally 5 foot ) because she misplaced a file -i.

Would you quit?


Try to look for a new one, but if u need the money stay and find another one
Sent by David2560,Oct 16, 2020
bitch how did u even get that job without finishing ur degree
Sent by Akeria,Oct 16, 2020
I mean it’s work. Just do your job and don’t worry about it
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Oct 16, 2020
i help lawyers (im a assistant doing probate you dont need to be a lawyer to do probate) and my friends husband  who i go to law school with told her to ask me if i wanted to work their this was last year,  she's 30 and is in uni with me but now her husband doesn't do the hiring.
Sent by bomberv,Oct 16, 2020
Bless you haha this sounds so shit :(

Law is a cutthroat profession and so you're gonna come across some really cunty people who think their shit don't stink a lot of the time. I think you have to just weigh the costs and benefits, if you think the firm is gonna help pedestal you and give you a solid foundation to build your career upon then your best bet is sticking around and just trying to endure all the toxic shit, because in the long run it's gonna end up being beneficial for you?

But if you're confident you can find some place else that is less toxic but still offers you a decent salary and will help kickstart your career then cut that place off, cause it sounds wack :/
Sent by LeXXXy,Oct 16, 2020
That honestly sounds like a reality show bomberv
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Oct 16, 2020

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