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  1. Gift me the lips!
  2. I’m sorry but
  3. Danganronpa Big Brother Week 3
  4. While I, Liy, am pressed. And I’m impressed.
  5. Memes are offensive
  6. *pretends to be shocked*
  7. A real troll
  8. My fav message ever
  9. Me when I join hunger
  10. Finally twinning with my dad
  11. Bitch
  12. Calling out fake bitch
  13. Danganronpa Big Brother Week 2
  14. Katie doyle
  15. Danganronpa Big Brother Week 1
  16. Danganronpa Big Brother master list
  17. Gift me blue and white sweater!
  18. I wasn’t even shading anyone I’m sad
  19. Me when I get on tbb3
  20. Gift me from ween’s shop!
  21. Lucky for you
  22. :)
  23. Love my kings
  24. Mhmmmmmmm
  25. My avi is cuter
  26. Ew dont copy me weirdos
  27. Account under new management
  28. Gift me white and blue sweater my dream design!
  29. Me giving my password to 6 people
  30. The people acting as if
  31. How is half of tengaged gonna have your password
  32. Why do people make it seem
  33. I’m sorry but
  34. Rant coming up
  35. Who has 430ts and wants to make a deal
  36. Lucky for you I got all these daddy issues
  37. Tbh I don’t mean to be a douche but
  38. Ian from shameless is so cute 😍
  40. I’m the red level

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Gift me the lips!vote Jan 22, 2018
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I’m sorry but vote Jan 22, 2018
Using racial slurs is awful and its just a way to argue without having an actual point to your argument :/
Points: 10 2 comments
Danganronpa Big Brother Week 3vote Jan 22, 2018
HoH: Nekomaru Nidai
Noms: Kirumi Tojo and Kyosuke Munakata
POV: Maki Harukawa(Used on Kyosuke Munakata)
Noms: Kirumi Tojo and Makoto Naegi
Pyn to be tagged
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While I, Liy, am pressed. And I’m Jan 22, 2018
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Memes are offensive vote Jan 22, 2018
Down with memes!
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*pretends to be shocked*vote Jan 22, 2018
image obey_me siding with the bully who used the derogatory word. I don’t even like danger and know it was fucking wrong of etienne to use a word like that like Jesus Christ youre delusional
Points: 36 6 comments