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How long until

14thJul 26, 2019 by bamold1999
they break up Delete2544 Colter. I'll give it about 2-3 weeks out of pity or maybe when Delete wins stars and realizes he doesnt need bryce anymore. Both very viable options


So he actually used multis. Interesting. He wouldn’t save me with them. What a count colter. I’m nomming your bf just for lying to me
Sent by Minie,Jul 26, 2019
Minie I didn’t use any at all because I don’t have any? You literally got evicted because you’re so psychotic and you’ve threatened to kill half the users on the site Venice is woke!
Sent by Colter,Jul 26, 2019
LMAOOO Colter tea
Sent by Venice,Jul 26, 2019
stay illiterate bitch colter  fucking psycho hacker
tyler won the pollbox ur bf isnt that loved dumb fuck
who said multis were used against me retard?  xD i said i lost cause u didnt help me with yours/ again, illiterate fuck just like that dumb loser
Sent by Minie,Jul 27, 2019
Minie so you admit asking for multi support because that's the only way you can win a poll right? lmaooo, even she knows how hated she is. We love a woke sister...
Sent by Venice,Jul 27, 2019

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