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BNTM Cycle 19 Week 2

16thApr 21, 2017 by babiicakes
image15th - Erica ( Righttocensor)

This week the final 15 were informed on their next challenge, Avant garde! They were instructed to represent this theme in their own individual way. Playing with shapes, inversion, patterns, paint, crazy hair dos and makeup. Each model did their own significant shoot. Nina continuef to piss off her fellow contestants and one in particular Allie. Every model seems to be tired of her shit and is waiting for the time that nina packs her bags and exits the competition.. Also rubbing the other models the wrong way is malaysia due to her tardiness to shoots and being the last to submit every time. At call out, Ashley came out on top with her beautifully represented Avant Garde picture. It came down between Tatianna and Erica, and although this was Tatianna's second bottom 2 in a row it was Erica who was sent packing due to her using an animated photo when animation is not allowed.

Here's what Erica had to say about her elimination,
"I feel like shit, i feel bad and disappointed in myself. My phone broke and now im eliminated in bntm. Worst day ever"

Thank you for playing Erica!

Call out
1. Ashley ( Ashleybabyx3 )
2. Allie ( Allieboballie )
3. Bambi ( Bambinoswag )
4. Darrius ( Darriusdabest )
5. Zuela ( Zuelke )
6. Jonna ( Jgoodies )
7. Eva ( Evaa1996 )
8. Josie ( Koolness234 )
9. Nina ( Levonini )
10. Jane ( Lemjam6 )
11. Dunya ( Dusty12910 )
12. Snow ( Snowflake3 )
13. Malaysia ( Mahalpin11 )
14. Tatianna ( Titoburitto )
15. Erica ( Righttocensor )

Updated Memory wall

14 Remain, Who will be eliminated next?


Cakes you need to do more newbies seasons, but catch me in CYCLE 20 THOUGH
Sent by GentlemanG,Apr 21, 2017
gentlemang The newbies this ss is really good! I will def do it again
Sent by babiicakes,Apr 21, 2017
Sent by Mexus,Apr 21, 2017

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