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The Tengagameshow sign-ups! (OPEN)

Jul 1, 2022 by alittlechese
Hello and welcome back to my blog!

This is the announcement of my recent endeavour, the Tengagameshow!

I will be selecting 12-20 players depending on interest, to take part in a series of votes to determine a winner!

Every round, there will be different ways to determine eliminated players. These could be anything from random eliminations, to votes, to one player just calling all the shots!

Eventually, there will be one player left and they will win!

You don鈥檛 need anything outside of tengaged for this game, but there isn鈥檛 any prize and it鈥檚 all just a bit of fun.

I hope that you sign up!

To sign up:
Time zone
In game name
Actual username
Round one confessional (something you would like to say to the players)

Pm these to me to sign up!

Signed up:
yswimmer96 (Noah)


You smell like wet halibut.
Sent by yswimmer96,Jul 1, 2022

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