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Pls save me in Giant Brother 馃ズ Jan 5, 2023
This is my first time nommed, please let me survive this vote, I have so much more to prove.
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People who watch/play Pok茅mon Jan 4, 2023
Should I make a fanfic rewriting the Sun and Moon anime and put it here?

I actually like the series unlike most people but think it can still be improved.
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My group is on front page! Jan 2, 2023
Omg im so proud 馃ス
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I am overwhelmed by the public reaction Jan 2, 2023
To my group game. 6 people have joined in 36 hours and we only need two more! I鈥檓 so happy :D. I鈥檓 putting the link below too, you can choose what to do on interactions or let me randomise it!
Fendimania is also giving the winner a gift!
Once again, thank you so much and I hope we can fill it today or tomorrow :)
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Still casting for Mini Brother! (5/8) Jan 2, 2023
No discord or Skype needed :D
You can either make the decisions yourself or let me randomise them for you.
It will take 7 days :)
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How do charities work? Jan 2, 2023
I just have no idea what game charities are
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