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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

first casting

Jul 9, 2021 by alexanderspms
finally finished my first casting and sadly I got 3rd place. I really thought I had a shot at placing better since I had a good amount of keys but I was just really bad at the competitions I guess. anyways I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. hopefully I can get my first win soon!


Sent by brandonpinzu,Jul 9, 2021
You were so fun to play with.... 1 key ;) :P
Sent by brosky17,Jul 9, 2021
I was so ice for that imo! brosky17
Sent by alexanderspms,Jul 9, 2021
thank you king brandonpinzu
Sent by alexanderspms,Jul 9, 2021
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jul 10, 2021
You will get there, 3rd is still good
Sent by oreo270,Jul 10, 2021
The checks are also a factor that’s why I can’t play Castings you have to be SUPER active
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jul 10, 2021

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