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  1. ur so fucken precious
  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️KAYCEE IS WINNING..
  3. When ppl on tg involve me in drama
  4. Do we have a problem sista
  5. 3 B’s and 7 A’s
  6. J2999
  7. just got 6th in frookie.
  8. He only loves me like a porn star :(
  9. Everyone has detrimental flaws to their game
  10. Best double eviction
  11. We love a dominant woman.
  12. Tyler’s chances of winning
  13. hi
  14. Hurricanes gain power from warm water
  15. ok goodnight thanks
  16. Acknowledge my Beyoncé blog please
  17. Never was woke
  18. Unfollow fear and just say, "You are..
  19. excuse me um
  20. I’d walk a thousand miles
  21. hi my name is Haleigh Broucher
  22. intuitive legend.
  23. My new bb ranking
  24. Is Australian survivor still iconic
  25. Who is leaving this week
  26. Am I the only 1
  28. PYN
  30. when the group chat ignores u
  31. That awkward moment
  32. Kris deserves better
  33. Nothing good
  34. if u love me let me know
  35. Been here all night
  36. Why’d u have to be so cute
  37. if there’s no crying in the club
  38. rather be winning than dicking
  39. Font ignore his blogs
  40. just say goodnight n go

I think I have a disease

May 31, 2018 by alanb1
that makes it impossible for me to get out of bed until I know for sure I’ll be late for work.

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