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  1. Updated my BB21 rankings
  2. Its now been 2 years
  3. We might have to stan cliff
  4. Kemi must only return IF
  5. Hey Kem how many roomates did u used to have
  6. Then say it
  7. *laughs in 39 days*
  8. Me banishing all the minorities
  9. Im the Kemi and Nicole of each stars
  10. Nicole, Kemi, David, Kat, Ovi
  11. Camp Comeback is looking real... colorful
  12. Bella now cancelled.
  13. Imagine adding urself from ur own multi
  14. Someone explain Love Island to me
  15. Just bc ur in a third world country
  16. Trisha rlly quit BBUK
  17. Bb21 on in 30 min or 1h30m
  18. But if i do win,
  19. Was the new Scream good?
  20. Rachel, youre an idiot first of all
  22. Suddenly BB banishment and Camp Comeback
  23. The winner of survivor 40
  24. Jacks mugshot
  25. If Kemi wins next HoH
  26. Yall need to realize
  27. The Black Widows.
  29. SNAPPED.
  30. Out of all people
  31. How does Kemi come off as aggressive?
  32. Okay Nick is WORKING
  33. Legit the entire cast of bb21
  34. Ranking the Messy Queens of BB
  35. live stream link?
  36. I would probably be evicted week 2
  37. Nicole drawing Pegasus
  38. Tommy reminds me of a gay tg user
  39. Kemi just named the alliance
  40. Imagine being a BB casting director

I legit googled

Jun 23, 2019 by _Adidas_
"online survivor/bigbrother online game" bc this site just aint it no mo, havent done so since 2009


Sent by Minniemax,Jun 23, 2019
have you tried
Sent by malachite05,Jun 23, 2019
Hey there! So far you've only known a condom to prevent life. But here we are with a new condom that gives life every time you pump some life in your partner! Grow our condom into a fruit tree of the same flavour your condom. Also get real time feedback on performance, to lead you right to the G Spot!
So guys, please head to and like the page. Lots of memes and innuendos coming up!

Also please watch the video, you might get some new ideas 馃対
Sent by Sukul9,Jun 23, 2019
minniemax oh yeah shockingly nothing (new) found :/
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 23, 2019

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